The run as per February 2008
Poultry has a reputation for eating everything.  Compare these pictures with the first ones in November.

Not a blade of grass!
Notice that I built a wall to act as a windbreak and also defence against the fox. Just needs the coping stones adding
I put straw up behind the shed, for insulation and 'kingspan' to protect from water coming through the access door. 
The sheet of polythene helps keep out the rain. The stones are needed to keep the lid from blowing off.
The shed sits on a pallet to protect the floor from damp and dissuades mice from knawing their way through.

The green bits are cabbage leaves. Hens need a green addition to their diets
I feed the hens on 'laying pellets', in a hopper inside the hut.  Occasionally I swap this for mixed grain, for some variety but the laying pellets contain oyster shell and other essentials to maintain heathly hens and strong egg shells.
The grubby carpet was initially covered by stones, but is now useful for protecting the ground.
When it snowed, I moved it to expose new grass and creepy crawlies.

 I have brought squares of turf in to replenish the grass. These pictures are from lush June 2008